Advice for Skype and Phone Interviews from our partners at The CV & Interview Advisors

We all know that interviews can be challenging, especially the more senior the position, but at least in a face-to-face interview we can rely somewhat on non verbal communication and the chemistry between us and the interviewer; unfortunately this doesn't apply to telephone and Skype interviews so WHAT we say becomes much more important. Aside from making sure you have a good telephone line (take the call on a landline if you can) and speaking clearly, you need to be much more deliberate in what you say. Matt Craven of The CV & Interview Advisors gives his top tip on how to excel in Skype and telephone interviews.

My top tip is to be a STAR: Most people ramble when asked a question - their answers are often incoherent and unstructured. I would recommend using the STAR formula to answer questions that demand an example. Start by naming the company and then describe the Situation; then mention your job title at the time and describe your Task i.e. what you were asked to do; then describe your Actions i.e. the 5 or 6 key things you did to drive a positive outcome; and finally, mention the Result, giving some tangible evidence that you succeeded. Using this communication framework will help you to be much clearer and structured in your answer which is critical for Skype and telephone interviews and also very useful in face-to-face meetings.

Remember, no one gets good at anything without coaching and practice. Think of elite athletes, sportspersons or musicians, they all had coaching and practice. The biggest mistake many people make is assuming they are good at interviews when in reality they are just good talkers (there's a difference). To be genuinely good in interviews, you need coaching and practice. If you feel this applies to you and you need some help with refining your interview skills, click here for some useful services: https://cvandinterviewadvisors.co.uk/casinoexecutivenetwork
Matt Craven
Managing Director
The CV & Interview Advisors