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An Occupational Hazard by James Wrethman   -   Behind the scenes of the glamorous Venura Casino lurks a corrupt World of credit-fixing, prostitution and rape - a world that only a few brave employees dare to challenge. As the sleaze escalates and the challenge begins to look like a threat, how will the powers-that-be go to protect their interests? 

The Blitzkrieg Casino Scam by D.R.D Rollo   -   A small town in Italy is facing bankruptcy when its casino is closed down. After a chance remark by one of the unemployed dealers, the local Mayor embarks on a plan to transform the young dealers into the most skillful roulette cheats the world has ever seen. With the help of his errant brother, 'Calm Capone' and his ageing cheat colleagues, the dealers hit casinos around the world en masse and are in and out before Surveillance even know they are being fleeced. So starts a massive International man hunt as casino boss Sam Morris attempts to put a stop to the 'Blitzkrieg Scam'    



GAMBLING MAN by Gary Green   -   Inside the world of gambling's most colorful (and controversial)modern day casino boss. Advice, lessons, history and wisdom for casino players, operators, vendors, analysts and investors. Gary Green is "a casino magic man...with Barnum-like vigor. It is hard to argue with a strategy that has increased casino revenue by 59.1%." -Casino Journal Magazine Gary Green is "one of the most successful and best-known gurus in the gaming industry" -Casino Enterprise Management "Class Act, Gary Green has brought Las Vegas flamboyance - and big profits to Indian Country." -Indian Gaming Business Like its over-the-top author, this book pulls no punches. Quickly pointing out that he is in the gambling racket and not in the gaming industry, Green entertains, educates, lectures, chastises, and praises the operatives, history, and processes of his "racket." Through a series of personal anecdotes and stories, one of gambling's most colorful (and controversial) modern day casino bosses shows what works and doesn't work inside casinos, the games, the investments, and the regulations. As much celebrity and television personality as casino boss, this former Donald Trump Vice President was once known as one of America's most intense folk singers and rock poets; his albums have been reissued by the Smithsonian. Twice-nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, a genu-ine pioneer of the dot-com era, for years he was also identified as a civil rights and union organizer and advocate of Native American rights           


Casino in Paradise by Tyronne K. Feldman   -   An autobiography of my life as a croupier in the Bahamas. An exciting and erotic adventure of a young man’s life as a Casino croupier in the Bahamas at the end of the sixties, amidst film stars, money, wild women and the Mafia Mob his life in Paradise changes into one of danger and romance.

The Wheel Always Turns by James Brown   -   James has a story to tell - and what a story. If you have ever worked in a casino - read on, if you've ever gambled in a casino - read on, or if you'd just like to read about a life of adventure and mayhem starting in 1960's Glasgow (and James is still involved in casinos) - then this is the story for you. . . You won't regret it! When a family friend offers a young working class lad in Scotland the chance to work in a local casino little does he know the life of adventure which is about to begin. The author describes in tremendous detail the working life of a casino and the antics and scrapes of life outside work - whether he is in Glasgow, London, Nigeria, Iran, Yugoslavia, Greece, Egypt Or Other Exotic Locations.