Nigel Barrow

THE PITFALLS AND PLEASURES OF WORKING ABROAD by Nigel Barrow who is Co-Founder at Interleisure Consultancy 


Interleisure Consultancy is a consulting and advisory company that specializes in casino, golf, resort hotel and food & beverage operations. Clients include Hilton, Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.


As you look out the window at another miserable rainy day, knowing that slush and snow are just around the corner, it’s easy to let your mind wander to warmer climates and even sun soaked beaches. Maybe your surroundings feel cramped compared to the big wide world and you need to show your skills to a greater audience and at the same time learn new skills. Maybe it’s time to build confidence in yourself by exerting a little independence. No matter your reason for joining a growing trend in job mobility; you must ask yourself if you really have what it takes to part with your friends, family and familiar places? If you are having this conversation with yourself, then here are a few basic things to consider. Let’s deal with the negatives first.

The Pitfalls

If you have difficulty adjusting to change, then it may not be for you. It is completely different to the experience of a vacation. The taxation and cost of living could be higher, so you should research if your salary and benefits are aligned with that.


Ask yourself why you want to go; a love of travel, a chance to play more golf, a love of fishing or water sports or perhaps a chance to learn another language. How long are you anticipating going away and how will that affect your opportunities if you decide to return home?

The Company

The less experience you have working abroad, the more important it is to secure a job with a company that has some solid history. They are more likely to point you in the right direction to secure accommodations, which is the highest priority on arrival. Make sure that the Company is committed to administering the process if permits are involved.

The Job

Before accepting a job offer be sure that it is the job level you want. Research any permit situation including the likelihood of renewing permits. Are you comfortable with the hours and vacation time? In the Caribbean, for example, a six day week and two weeks vacation is the norm.

The Pleasures

In many places the commute to work is often more pleasant and shorter and at the very least it will be different. Exposure to new customs, cultures and languages assist your personal growth and can sometimes be life changing. International experience, especially accompanied by additional learned skill sets can make a resume stand out. It will also show a willingness to be flexible.

It will be a big decision, but if it’s right for you it can be extremely rewarding; in immeasurable ways.

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