“Why Marketing People Should be at G2E” by Anthony “Bert” Bertino

Anthony “Bert” Bertino is the CMO / COO for Casino Excursions Resort Gaming Group.

With the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) the beginning of October (10/2 – 5), the gaming world will meet, discuss and display many new and well utilized products and programs that are consumed worldwide.  This exposition and conferences attract nearly 30,000 casino gaming executives that are there for the sole purpose of finding information and buying / selling products and services. 

I am not an employee of Reed Expositions, I am just a fan of G2E with thirty-six years worth of casino gaming experience. 

Many of the gaming executives attracted are slot and table games personnel looking for the newest and greatest product to catapult their casino organization forward.  What is normally missing is the marketing executive that can in an instant, not only evaluate the gaming guru’s ideas, but also see new ideas to help propel their division further.

As the casino gaming market rockets ahead, new and different ideas are needed, and can be developed through the ideals found in the conferences and booths at G2E.  While much of the conferences are expensive to attend, they are worth the expense,  time and effort to travel and learn what is next, and what the future holds. However G2E is not limited to the booths on the floor and the conferences, it is the networking that is done during and especially afterward that allows for the greatest learning and growth for the industry.  Marketing minds discussing the “Next Great Thing,” or what they saw that “triggered this thought,” that is what G2E is all about. 

Marketing is an ever evolving organism that needs the fertilizer of new minds to add to the discussion.  As new talent emerges in the gaming industry, their voice needs to be added to the conversation.  Industry titans are always available for the momentary side-bar.  Their wisdom may be imparted in conference, in conversation or in after-hour dinners.  Their mentoring can cause the future evolution of the next generation of marketing minds.

Marketing also needs the encouragement of peers.  Land-based, Riverboat and Tribal casinos all experience the same challenges, speaking of those trials allows for overcoming and conquering obstacles.  Speaking with fellow marketing peers allow for networking for not only meaningful conversation, but also for future problem solving. 

Marketing can be an organization’s largest asset and its biggest expense.  Finding the proper programs to help improve your patron hold and keep you a step ahead of your competitor(s).  To be financially responsible also allows you to retain the favor of your finance department because your expenditures are offering a greater return on investment.  The following areas are strongly represented, and worth the investment of time and effort to partake.

Loyalty Marketing advise is plentiful with groups showing how to not only find but most importantly retain the most profitable segments of your database.  While developing loyalty is difficult, retaining that loyalty is near impossible in crowded jurisdictions.  Finding nuggets of hope can be the difference between gaining and losing market share on your competitors and taking your organization to the next level of profitability. 

Social Media has many differing avenues to use and can be an extremely cost effective way to reach your organizations customer base.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare or many other fine organizations, email and texting are all direct paths where the cost is low, the reach is instantaneous and the connection to your patrons are unprecedented.  Finding new ideas, organizations and paths to follow is imperative to lead instead of lag behind your competition.

Direct Marketing systems, ideas and consultants will be rampant throughout G2E.  The sheer amount of differing opinions will astound you (they do me) and there is a prime opportunity to make your own mind up as to what will work for your organization.  While the names are well known, the learning experiences and philosophies differ greatly.  You will have the opportunity to observe the tools, review the methods and draw what will improve your data mining procedures and increase your foothold against your competition. 

Promotions companies and assistance is also plentiful.  If you are looking for the next give-away, offering or idea, you will be inundated with options.  You may agree with some and disagree with others, but there are so many options to take in, you will walk away better informed than when you entered the event center.  You will have the opportunity to shop and learn an entire year’s worth of events in a few short days.

Advertising issues are always addressed well, be it radio, television, billboard, web or agencies that can solve your unique needs and wants.  You again may agree or disagree with the opinions, but the learning experiences is worth their weight in gold.  While many agencies are trying to sell you their services, remember that each organization is unique to their style, size and jurisdiction(s). 

Digital Marketing will be represented to enrich the forerunner of your marketing growth.  This will help in cost structure and also help with reaching the next markets that we covet. 

You may be able to find a solution to your many needs, and solve a dilemma, or you may have your program reaffirmed in your organizations mind.  Either way, a conversation with many differing points of view will help you and your organization grow.  Many believe that an expo such as G2E is a vacation, trust me, if you spend your time wisely the experiences can be career altering.

What is next, be it Social Media, I-Gaming, eSports, Digital Motion Media or server based gaming was all discussed over the past five years.  The innovative marketing minds have been there and have shaped the conversation.  It is now your turn to also add your voice and the voice of your staff, to these discussions.  (This can draw more people to your blogs)  Please tune into our blogs during the G2E for information, insights and revelations of what we saw and you should see.


Anthony “Bert” Bertino is the CMO / COO for Casino Excursions Resort Gaming Group. He can be reached by calling (609) 892-1298 or email bert@casexc.com.


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