Could the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino re-open soon now Hong Kong investors are interested?

Hong Kong investors have been in the Northern Marianas to look at the viability of reopening the CNMI's first casino resort on the island of Tinian.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI. Photo: RNZ / Mark Rabago

Tinian Entertainment Corporation owner Tim Chen led the team of business people.

He said he was definitely interested in reopening the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino resort as long he didn't shoulder the US$7 million in fines its previous owners owed the federal government.

Mr Chen said his company was one of the creditors that backed the former management of the Tinian Dynasty before it was shut down in March 2016.

He said he was hired lawyers in Washington DC to find a way of taking over Tinian Dynasty's operation without taking over its federal fines.

The former owner of Tinian Dynasty, Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Ltd, filed for bankruptcy in November 2015.

The company listed assets of $55 million but debts of nearly five times that.