Yreka, California - Rain Rock Casino opening Feb 2018, Career Opportunities


With a tentative opening date at the end of February, the Rain Rock Casino will be nestled right in Yreka-- a destination that's bringing over 200 jobs to the city.

In a small city of about 7,500 people, the Chamber of Commerce says that number of jobs makes quite a difference.


"It's going to be a very big deal for Yreka," said Karl Greiner, the Executive Director for the city's Chamber of Commerce. "It's been many years since we've had this kind of a job influx coming in, and it's sorely welcome."

Griener says that influx came in 2014 when the Fruit Grower Supply announced they'd be building a saw mill in the city. The mill has since closed down.

Even so, the 45 new jobs that project created is nothing compared to what Rain Rock is planning to do at their upcoming job fair.

On Friday and Saturday the Siskiyou Golden Fair Grounds will be turned into a hiring hotbed. On Friday, the fair is happening from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. On Saturday, it goes from 9 a.m. to noon.

"Expect a lot of excitement as always in the casino industry," said Brandon Bethea, Rain Rock's marketing manager. "all of our department managers will be on site. We'll be conducting face to face interviews, so bring your application, bring your resume."

Bethea says they'll be hiring many of the positions on the spot. The range in openings includes table games, slots, food and beverage, casino operations and management.

For those hired for a position that takes specific knowledge, the casino is hosting a paid training session prior to opening.

"We have lots of training period for our table games dealers, as well as some of the other staff," said Bethea.

With so many open jobs, finding enough people to fill them could mean pulling workers from surrounding communities.

If that's the case, Greiner says housing could be a challenge, making it likely that some employees will have to commute from out of town.

"Needless to say for a good paying job, anything is possible," said Greiner. "But like I said, it will be very advantageous to the city."

According to Greiner, a higher population means more people circulating their money in and out of the city's economy. And as a tourist destination, visitors to Rain Rock are likely to be curious about what Yreka has to offer.

"They're going to [say,] 'What's Yreka like?' or you know, 'I wanna go to the downtown area. I want to see what's going on,'" said Greiner. "And that brings more people downtown, so everyone benefits from it."

The Rain Rock Casino will have somewhat of a captive audience. With the two closest casinos being over an hour away to the north and south, it's the only one of it's kind in the area.

The 36,000 square foot building will be home to about 500 gaming machines, eight table games and a restaurant.

That's just phase one. Construction for phase two should begin in a couple of years, and will add lodging and additional gaming space.

Open positions at Rain Rock Casino can be found on their website.




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